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Kids Birthdays

Interactive Fun

Kids love interactive activities, and an escape room provides an engaging and thrilling experience for them.

Brain Boosting Adventure

A fun way to challenge problem-solving skills and teamwork, making the experience both entertaining and educational

Memorable Moments

Escape Rooms create lasting memories, ensuring the birthday child and their friends have a unique celebration they’ll cherish for years to come.

Engaging Playtime

Escape rooms provide an interactive and imaginative playtime, ensuring kids have a fun and entertaining birthday celebration.

The most popular game choice:




Wedding parties

Group Bonding

Escape Rooms are a fantastic way for the bridal party to bond and create memorable experiences together.

Pre-Wedding Excitement

Escape Rooms add a unique thrill to the pre-wedding celebrations, making it an unforgettable adventure.

Team Building

The puzzles and challenges in escape rooms encourage teamwork and camaraderie, symbolizing the support and unity of the bridal party and ultimately the journey of marriage.

Exclusive Entertainment

Escape Rooms provide an exclusive entertainment opportunity, ensuring that the party is a standout event for the bride or groom to be and their loved ones.

Popular Games:



Club/Sports Teams

Team Bonding

Escape rooms promote teamwork, communication, and trust among club or sports team members, fostering stronger bonds and unity.

Competitive Fun

The competitive aspect of solving puzzles against the clock adds an extra layer of excitement and challenge, making it an ideal activity for competitive teams.

Break from Routine

Escape rooms offer a refreshing break from regular training sessions, allowing teams to relax, have fun, and recharge while still working together.


Just like in sports and team activities, achieving the goal of escaping within the time limit instills a sense of achievement, which can be carried over to your club or team’s objectives and goals.

Popular Games:





Adult Birthdays

Unique Celebration

Escape rooms offer a one-of-a-kind birthday celebration that breaks away from traditional dinner parties or gatherings.

Social Interaction

It encourages social interaction among guests, fostering connections and laughter.

Adrenaline Rush

Adults can enjoy the excitement and challenge of solving puzzles and mysteries together.

Customized Themes

Many escape rooms offer various themes, allowing the birthday person to select one that suits their interests.

Popular Games:






Novelty & Adventure

Retirement is the beginning of a new chapter in life, and an escape room offers a novel and adventurous way to make this transition.

Social Connection

Escape Rooms provide an opportunity for retirees to enjoy the company of friends, family and former colleagues, fostering strong social connections.

Laughter & Celebration

The shared experience of puzzle-solving often leads to laughter and a sense of accomplishment, making it an ideal environment for celebrating this milestone.
Stress-Free: Escape Rooms provide a stress-free and enjoyable way to celebrate retirement, allowing retirees to relax and have fun without worrying about planning elaborate parties or events.

Popular Games:



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Field Trips

Educational Fun

Incorporating an escape room into a field trip provides students with a unique and educational experience that encourages critical thinking, teamwork, and problem-solving skills.

Engaging Activity

Escape rooms offer an interactive and engaging activity that keeps students excited and focused, making it an ideal choice for a memorable field trip.

Theme Variety

We offer diverse themes, allowing you to select one that aligns with your curriculum or educational goals, enhancing the learning experience.

Safe and Supervised

Escape rooms provide a safe and supervised environment, ensuring the well-being of students while they enjoy an enriching adventure.

Popular Games:



Escape Room Barrie is an approved location by the SCDSB for both on and off site field trips, including our mobile game that we bring to you.



TEEN Birthdays

Epic Adventure

Teens crave exciting experiences, and escape rooms offer an epic adventure that makes their birthday celebration unforgettable.

Friendship building

Escape Rooms foster teamwork and communication, helping teens strengthen bonds with their friends while having a blast.

Digital Detox

Escape Rooms provide a break from screens, promoting face-to-face interaction and problem-solving in a tech-free environment.

Independent Problem Solving

Escape Rooms empower teens to take the lead in solving puzzles, boosting their confidence and critical thinking skills, all while creating picture-perfect memories.

Popular Games:





WORK & CORPorate

Team Building, Holiday Parties, Annual Events

Team Building

Escape rooms are designed to encourage teamwork, problem-solving, and effective communication. They provide an excellent opportunity for colleagues to work together in a fun and engaging environment, helping to strengthen relationships and enhance collaboration in the workplace.

Bonding & Collaboration

Escape rooms create a unique shared experience that fosters a sense of camaraderie among colleagues. Successfully solving puzzles and completing challenges can lead to a strong sense of accomplishment and build positive memories that bring the team closer together.

Stress Reduction

Work can often be stressful, and escape rooms offer a refreshing break from daily routines. Engaging in an exciting and mentally stimulating activity allows colleagues to unwind, relax, and de-stress while enjoying each other’s company.

Skill Development

Escape rooms challenge participants with a variety of puzzles and tasks that require problem-solving, creativity, and critical thinking. Engaging in these activities can help colleagues develop valuable skills that can be applied in their professional lives, such as decision-making and adaptability.

Popular Games:





Graduation Parties

Unique Celebration

An escape room provides a distinctive and memorable way to celebrate academic achievements, creating a fun and unconventional graduation party experience.

Intellectual Challenge

: Graduates can put their problem-solving and critical thinking skills to the test in a stimulating and entertaining environment, showcasing their intelligence and adaptability.


It offers an opportunity for graduates to spend qualitytime with friends before embarking on their separate journeys, strengthening bonds and creating lasting memories.


Popular Games:






We’ll Come
to YOU

Welcome to Tohua Island! 

We bring the thrill and excitement of escape games right to your doorstep with our Mobile Escape Game experience.


Perfect for larger work events, parties, corporate groups, charities, non-profits, clubs and sports. Groups of up to 50 participants who want to use their location to host!

What Can We Expect?

Mobile Escape Game is a dynamic, but unforgettable adventure that will unite your team and leave them buzzing with excitement.

Get ready for an action-packed hour of immersive challenges, brain-teasing puzzles, and teamwork. A guaranteed good time!


Please CONTACT US to book.

Pricing starts at $22/person.

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Our Reviews

Zandra Walsh
Zandra Walsh
Been twice! Both times an amazing experience. 👏 I definitely recommend this escape room over others as the variety and staff are absolutely astonishing.
Brittni Lewis
Brittni Lewis
My friends and I (5 people) absolutely loved our experience at Escape Room Barrie. We did the "Against Your Will" room, and could not have been more impressed. The staff are friendly, fun and knowledgeable, and the rooms are fun and challenging. We will certainly be returning soon!
Stephanie Davis
Stephanie Davis
5 Points Group enjoyed our Friday Friendly at Escape Room Barrie. It was the first time for four of seven of us and all of us enjoyed every moment! The room and the challenge was a lot of fun. We all agreed that we would love to come back again! Thank you Escape Room Barrie and Game Master Owen!
Jianshu Cui
Jianshu Cui
Found this escape room in Barrie. The staff were so welcoming and warm, the overall experience was great. Our first time to bring the little ones, and they had so much fun! Definitely will come back!
Michael S
Michael S
We did the "Simcoe Arms Hotel" Escape Room. This is easily the BEST Escape Room experience in Barrie and on par with many of the high end Escape Rooms in the GTA. The owners are "escape room enthusiasts" who have done a great job designing a custom room that is well designed, challenging and fun. The owners work extra hard to give an excellent customer service experience so everyone is comfortable before it starts. Thus far, there's only one room but they're designing a second for late 2017 and hopefully going up to 4 rooms in total. This is a great team building event and well worth the drive to Barrie if you're coming from out of town. Update Oct 2018: We completed the second room which was just as impressive. The two rooms complement each other well with "Against" being a bit more adult and less linear.
Tim Abel
Tim Abel
My favourite escape room ever!
nicole wood
nicole wood
It was a lot of fun. Will definitely be back.
Mackenzie Cook
Mackenzie Cook
Great staff! Witchwood forest room was awesome!



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